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About Rajya Lovelife

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Rajya is a guide, a mentor, a teacher, a mystic and an artist. She is a receiver and a transmitter of divine messages, to help guide the spiritual evolution of humankind. Born in Manipur, India, she is now based in the United Kingdom. She has been on her conscious journey of self-discovery for over 12 years.
Through her physical, mental and emotional challenges, she learnt that pain is the key that unlocks our true potential and started on a journey of unravelling…tapping into her own power within, finding her true self, creating a life that she had always wanted, living a life of passion and in the process, completely rejuvenating herself.

Empowered by her experience, it is now her purpose to help others become their best selves, to awaken to their true light, so that they can go through the journey of life with knowing and ease.    

“Life is in surrender, not in control ”
Rajya Lovelife ~


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‘I wish to say “Thank you so much” for the sharing of healing the body pain - specifically the mantra of “I love you my body” and the gratitude, intention and forgiveness of the healing.  I use it routinely for myself with great results - it helps me to sleep much easier and better and really helps whenever I have physical pain, which can be most days’ ~ Shirley Nichols


‘Thank you so much, dear Rajya, for your message for us this afternoon. You were waking up within me this simple and yet so profound truth, that all the cells of my body are just energy. I can decide to supply my body with high frequencies with thoughts and acts of love, so healing can take place. Everything is possible. Thank you for this reminder. Lots of love and blessings to you.’ ~ Christine Regler


‘I loved everything about today’s class, simplicity of becoming Homo Luminous, Recognize heavy emotions, Release them, Replace them with love and light, practice, practice, practice, The Triple R practice to joyfully and light bodies’ ~ Sophia Andras

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