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Words Through A Soul: A Fool's Journey by Rajya Lovelife


A printed paperback book: 


  • Trim size: 5.5"x8.5" 
  • Perfect bound
  • Print length 282 pages
  • English language
  • First edition published in 2023

Words Through A Soul: A Fool's Journey - Paperback

  • A fool's journey is one every human makes, whether you realise it…or not.


    ‘Words Through A Soul’ is a collection of 55 poems that will take you through a soul journey of emotions. The stages of the journey are depicted in the style of poetry, as received, with explanatory prose sections. They are accompanied by illustrations made by the author, which are also part of the guidance that came through. These are knowledge that she has received from the divine realm…to help you navigate through life’s challenges easily, to be aware of the lessons in your dark times and to allow these signs to guide you to find your True Self. This book is about the journey every human makes, knowingly or unknowingly, from darkness to light, from naivety to mastery, ‘A Fool’s Journey’.

  • “I found the personal nature of the poetry to guide me towards happy feelings. The first that came to my mind was Pema Chödrön’s ‘Start Where You Are’, but the poetic nature of this work does also remind me of ancient Buddhist works such as the Dhammapada. What sets this book apart is how personal it is.” – Vittorio Mattioli


    “I enjoyed reading this book as spirituality is one of my all-time favourite subjects. All in all, I think this book to be one that many readers would enjoy and it’s needed right now, as multitudes wake up from the dream and become aware of the true nature of reality in this upside-down world. I think this book will help to soothe people’s minds, bodies and spirits with the teachings and truths contained throughout.” - Janet Lee Chapman


    “It is a truly beautiful expression of the divine. Bless you for the work and love you have put into birthing it.  Your artwork is also very beautiful.” - Eileen Flynn

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