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The Great Conjunction - Light For Mass Awakening

21st December 2020, we will be seeing Jupiter and Saturn as one, closest seen ever since the last 800 years, I believe!

Conjunctions happen every 20 years but it has not been seen this close for hundreds of years, so, it is a much-awaited spectacle...for astronomers, astrologers, spiritualists, sky gazers. Many indigenous people have been waiting for this day...the Mayans, the Yogis, the Aborigines.

The two planets will come together and be seen as one star in the sky, also known as the 'Christmas Star' or 'The Star of Bethlehem'. Some believe that this is the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus himself, may or may not be coming back but perhaps this is pointing to the beginning of a new era, a time for more light coming in.

Light for mass awakening, light to unveil things that have been hidden for too long. It is time for the great unfoldment. Time for cleansing, time for recalibrating. Time to take action and play a part in our planetary shift. Time to get out of the victim mode and become leaders. Time to heal ourselves and our greatest mother, Gaia, Mother Earth. This is the great portal, the gateway to the new era.

This shift has been going on and 2012 was another great marker, hence, the big misinterpretation that went on at the time about the world coming to an end. It wasn't the physical world coming to an end, but, rather a metaphorical end of a phase.

2020 marks the beginning of another phase. The rainbow serpent has arisen, humans are waking up collectively. Now is the time to really embody the new you, by not trying to go back to the old ways but rather embrace the new unfolding of yourself, new habits, new beliefs, new ways of working, new beginnings.

This is also time for the divine feminine energy

coming into play and the gradual ending of the

imbalanced masculine energy.

The end of control and separation. 
The beginning of unity consciousness, the emergence of more compassionate humans on a collective level.

It is believed that this may be the ending of the controlling 'Piscean Age' and moving into the more compassionate 'Aquarius Age'. Moving from the 3rd density to the 4th density. What do I mean by density? The density of the frequency of the planet, which affects all living beings. 3rd density was all about greed and control, it was heavier. 4th density is gentleness and compassion, which is lighter. We are in the process of moving into what is known as 'Satya Yuga' in Sanskrit.