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The Sun, The Moon, The Stars...Not There To Just Light Up The Sky

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This Summer Solstice, I wanted to write about how the Sun is worth celebrating. For those of us living in colder countries, the Sun is worth worshipping. He gives us life and fills us with joy. Without light from the sun, no living beings can survive. Just as plants need it, humans need it too, for we are nature. He is life force energy.

The ancient societies have known this.

Sun God, Ra was often considered to be the King of the Gods and thus the patron of the pharaoh and one of the central gods of the Egyptian pantheon. He was also described as the creator of everything. Ra was powerful and popular for the ancient Egyptians.

The Shamans from the Peruvian mountains to the Native Americans, to the Mongolian Shamans...they worshiped the sun, the moon, made sacrificial offerings to the heavens, the earth, spirits, and their ancestors. They understood the meaning of life, to be spirits in human bodies, to be connected with nature, giving gratitude to all animals, plants, to Mother Earth, to the entire Universe. They understood that we are all one, we come from nature and we go back to nature. They believed in harmony, for they knew that only when we are in harmony with nature, do we have true well-being.

We had the knowledge, we have the knowledge. However, as mankind progressed, we went further and further away from this truth, and the knowledge went deeper and deeper into the abyss. Our economical and technical developments took us further away from ourselves...and we got sicker. Physical diseases, mental disorders are on the rise. Isn't that an indicator?

Isn't it time we get back to nature?

Have you ever tried growing a plant in the dark? If not, try it!

We cannot survive without light from the Sun. Just as a plant cannot make food without sunlight, we cannot produce beneficial chemicals in our bodies without it. We all know that we receive vitamin D from sunlight. But did you know about the hormonal benefits?

Sunlight and darkness trigger the release of certain hormones in our brain.

Exposure to sunlight is known to increase the brain’s release of 'serotonin', our happy hormone. That's why most people in colder countries feel happy when the sun is out, which is also linked to the diagnoses of mental conditions like SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for many when they don't see the sun. Not only that, but there are also several health benefits associated with catching moderate amounts of rays. Sharing a link here if you would like to read more:

Night time triggers our brain to make 'melatonin', our sleep hormone. That is why we feel sleepy when it gets dark.

This is all by design. The day, the night, the wakefulness, the sleepiness and the production of the appropriate hormones in relation to light. But we destroy this balance when we fill ourselves with 'unnatural' foods and drinks, have 'detrimental' habits, harbour 'lower vibrational' thoughts and emotions. We go away from this harmony and create imbalances in our bodies...leading to various physical and mental disorders.

We are nature. We are meant to ingest natural foods and drinks, respect, love and live in harmony with nature, connect with nature. The sun, the moon, the stars...they are not there to just light up the sky. They are powerful energies for us to harness. We are meant to receive these energies consciously in order to #revive ourselves, to #heal ourselves.

Our bodies are designed in perfect harmony with nature.

It is time to sync our bodies with #nature.

To bring #harmony. To bring #balance. To bring #vitality.


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