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Healing is a beautiful journey of unfolding who you truly are

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hi, I am Rajya… an artist, an energy healer, a receiver and a transmitter of divine messages, a seeker, a soul expander. I see and feel energy in a more profound way than I can explain. As this is my first blog, I am going to take you through a little journey so that you can get to know me just a bit more.

I have been on a path of self-discovery since I have known myself in this lifetime and have been on a conscious self-healing journey for the last decade. In the process, I woke up and started receiving divine guidance....

.....that’s when I began to realise that I have a divine purpose to share the information that I receive with the world. Equipped with what I know now, it is my #intention to help others become their best selves, to connect with their spirit to become who they really are, and to go through the journey of life with ease. I am passionate about #empowering others with their own power within.

Coming onto this path was a natural transition for me as I was born an intuitive empath. I felt deeply for everyone around me from a very young age. I always found it easy to put myself in other's shoes.

Yes, it took me some years to truly find myself. But I am glad I never gave up.


Losing my father at an early age; feeling unloved as a child; making me a needy person as I grew up; going through challenging relationships; being diagnosed with chronic conditions like #Hypothyroidism, #Fibromyalgia, #IBS, #Migraine, #Insomnia and many more...​

…..for years, I battled with life, even wanted to give up on life itself at times.

However, since the last decade, as I started to wake up, I began to see that all the pain in my life had a purpose. They were there for a reason, to teach me valuable lessons and yes! they have taught me so much! I also started to see the good side-effect...years of suffering had cranked up my empath-o-meter! LOL!!!

I started practicing #yoga, #meditation, #Reiki and then, I began to fit all the puzzle pieces together. I started to see the link... between my emotional reactions and life situations I had gone through...all