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Why Is Eating Clean Vital For Our Healing And Well Being?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

~ Hippocrates ~

Many people eat to indulge and many eat to fill the hole but very few people eat food as medicine. Does that explain the rise of diseases in the modern world? Food for thought.

Many of us take food and the body for granted... and assume that by feeding ourselves anything, our bodies will continue to perform. I was one of them! Until I learnt that...if we want true well being, nothing is going to change, until we get our nutrition right, after all, the food that we eat becomes the body.

In this modern world of today, it is a challenge for most to eat a clean diet. We are used to the so-called "tasty" foods which are laden with ingredients cranked up in sugars, calories and all kinds of synthetic chemicals.


Yes, the human body is resilient and it lasts a long long time even when we abuse it. I use the word 'abuse' because when we unknowingly feed our body with foods that are detrimental to our well-being, it is equivalent to abusing it. I did it for years unknowingly!

Our body is like a machine. Imagine a machine that runs on 70% fuel, 20% lubricant and 10% water...if you put 50% fuel, 10% lubricant, 5% water, 10% cooking oil and 25% chemicals in it...would the machine work?

Simple analogy, but that's pretty much how our body works. We are natural beings, we are supposed to consume food and drinks that come from nature. That is why eating clean is vital, not just for our well-being but for being who we truly are. Living is not just about surviving until the body gives up but feeling the vibrancy of life and that comes when we learn to become one with nature.


So, what do I mean by eating clean?

It means: