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Light Is Winning Beautiful Souls, Join The Party

Light is winning beautiful souls.

All the ancient healers, the shamans are working together, working their magic, weaving around your planet, sending messages, healing waves, working in the dream time, dreaming the world into being.

They are reaching out to you, lightworkers and it is working, it's lighting up, so many lights are being awakened and so, yes, join the party!

Leave aside your sufferings. You have been called upon to come, stand in line, to do your duty, you have been in training, for this very day, for this very time. It is now time to come out and serve your purpose. We are all here together, we are all connected. We want to assure you that light is winning and you play an important part in creating that world of tomorrow.

You are a creator, so create, create your world of tomorrow, create. 

As always there is so much love and we are always here, always here, always here.

Channeling from The #Pleiadians The #Arcturians and The #GoldenLightBeings

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