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How To Remain Positive All The Time?

'How to stay positive all the time?' is something I get asked often. So, if you are one who is looking for an answer, then, read on.

Being positive is our natural state of being. We are always positive by nature. So, we do not have to do anything to be positive. Because we already are.

What we must learn to do, is to remove the negativity that clouds our positivity. Aha! here's the trick!

How do we do that?

It is easy to do it but it takes regular practice, only then will it start to work.

In order to remove the negativity, let's first understand what is 'negativity'.

Energetically speaking, negativity simply means lower, heavier vibrations. Because they are heavier frequencies, they weigh us down. Hence, the common phrase, 'I feel down' when one does not feel good.

I normally do not like to use the words positive or negative, while 'positive' feels good for people, the moment the word, 'negative' is mentioned, most tend to jump to the conclusion such as 'I am not negative' because most people relate the word negativity to being 'bad'. Being negative does not make you a bad person. It simply means that you are not aware of your vibration. So, I want to give you a visual for easier understanding.

Draw an imaginary scale, mark a 0 in the middle, mark some negatives on the left, -1, -2, etc, and positives on the right, +1, +2, etc.

That's your emotional scale. 0 is when you do not feel anything, which is not what you want to achieve, right? It kind of feels dead!!

The ones on the left of your scale are heavier vibrational emotions such as fear, grief, sadness, shame, worries, guilt, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, missingness, loneliness. They are heavy because their vibrations are lower in frequency. They are what we call negativity.

When we go through these emotions, we are keeping ourselves in the left zone, in a place of heaviness. Immaterial of whether we hold another person or situation responsible, we are vibrating those energies. When we hold on to those emotions for a long time, we get heavier and heavier.

But we are not meant to be like that. We are not meant to be heavy. We are meant to be light, easy and flowing all the time.

So what do I mean by that?

You see, we are meant to be naturally light and easy. Emotions such as joy, gratitude, appreciation, love, serenity, inspiration...which are on the right side of the scale...keep us in that state because they are higher in vibration. Higher means lighter. Hence, the common phrase, 'I feel high' when you feel wonderful. Think of anything light, such as a piece of paper or a dried leaf...anything that is light flies or floats or flows and does it so easily. All it needs is a gentle breeze. That's how we are meant to be...light and flowing.

How do we achieve that?

1. By becoming aware of our emotions. Asking ourselves...'Am I generating lower energies in myself? If so, where are they coming from?' Identify your triggers. Once, you have identified your triggers, it becomes easier for you to prevent yourself from going down that road you do not want to go.

2. Learning to ask yourself questions...such as... 'do I want to stay in this heaviness, in this negativity?' If the answer is 'no', then, you have taken your first step to releasing your negativity.

3. Feeding yourself with new information. Self-talk is a powerful tool to reprogram yourself. We are talking to ourselves all the time, knowingly or unknowingly. What most people are unaware of, is that every self-talk is programming by the mind for the body. Everything we speak, hear, read, share... are all narratives we feed ourselves. So, one must learn to become mindful and choose the information we feed ourselves, the vibration we generate, in order to feed our positivity.

Do you know why we all strive to be happy, healthy and positive? Because we know intrinsically, we are all of that.

The only reason we are not that is because we stay covered by layers of

fear, worries, sadness, grief, shame, guilt, resentment, bitterness,

unforgivingness, missingness, loneliness.

When we learn to let go of these heavier energies,

we learn to become light.

These lower vibrating emotions, these heavier energies are part of us, we cannot get rid of them. Just as we have joyfulness, we have sadness too. But it is about learning how to become aware of what we are feeling and how we learn to release these emotions on a regular basis, that's when you will learn to remain light, remain positive and remain happy all the time. Now, I am sure a question arises in your mind, how do I release those lower frequencies? Watch this video where I share how to do just that.


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