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Everyone Is Going Through The Process Of Awakening, Whether They Know It Or Not

Every human is going through the process of awakening, whether they know it or not.

It is happening to each and everyone on this planet, knowingly or unknowingly.

Yes, some people are more aware, therefore, they put their focus, their attention to this process and awaken quicker. While others don't and continue to live the 'normal' 3D linear thinking lifestyle, hence, delaying the process.

Now, why do I say that everyone is in the process of awakening?

It is because everyone's journey is the same. People may think that they are different and therefore, their journeys are different. But, it is the same. Everyone's journey is to travel from the outside to the inside. To shed their outer layers, to unlearn what the ego has learnt, to go within, to connect with their inner being, the source within, to become one with their authentic selves, to become who they really everyone's journey.

The only difference is what each one of us go through when we make that journey, ... the experiences, the pain, the suffering... while we are travelling from the outside to the inside. Someone's journey maybe a little more painful. Another one's adventure maybe a little longer. That's the only difference and there is a reason why that is. Everything happens for a reason. Life gives you the exact experience that is needed for you to grow.

Why is it important to wake up?

To find who you really are

To be your best self, your true self.


When you know who you are, only then can you do what is right for you, only then can you be guided by the joy you have within, only then can you find true love, not love from another, but the love that you have in your heart, the #love that you are. For, only when you are full, can you pour it out to the world around you.

When you know who you are, only then can you contribute to society, to mankind. Because only then can you teach your children, how to find themselves. Only then can you teach them how to live from #joy and #peace within. Only then can you show them that true love is about filling oneself up first.

When you know who you are, only then can you know what it is that you love to do, what you are meant to do, your soul purpose. Only then can you be free from other's control. Only then can you connect to your true #innerstrength. Only then can you truly be free. Awakening is all about that #freedom.

'The Awakening Of Consciousness

Is The Next Evolutionary Step For Mankind'

~ Eckhart Tolle ~


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