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Mango Macaroni - A Perfect Summer Recipe That You Will Fall In Love With!

It was a moment of inspiration. I had a mango and I fancied pasta...I started playing with ideas in my head and boom...the recipe was born! I am in love with it and I am sure you will fall in love with it too.

  • It is refreshing

  • It has plenty of 'live' energy from the herbs and fruit

  • Teamed up with some salad...this meal is packed with nutrition for the body

  • It tastes sooo good

  • ...and and and... so quick and easy to make!

What's not to love about it? favourite pasta recipe at the moment. I have used macaroni but you can use any pasta of your choice, even spaghetti and make a vegan fruity carbonara! There's an idea for you.

What goes into this recipe?