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Creamy Tahini Chocolate Pleasures

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

"The food we eat modulate all our biology, including our brain function. Food affects our hormones, brain chemistry, nutrient status, other chemical and biological functions"

~ Dr Mark Hyman ~

Good fats are good for our heart, skin, hair, joints and actually help us lose weight...and they taste soooo creammmyyyy!

...and chocolate! Raw cacao is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, and manganese.

  • No refined sugar

  • No gluten

  • No dairy

  • No additives

  • Just au naturale! just plant power!

Now, won't you want some of that?... all the goodness and the yumminess.

This is not my recipe. It is Dr. Mark Hyman's recipe, so I do not claim it to be mine (the photos are definitely mine). I wanted to share it because it is just so lush! It is clean, it is good for you and so easy to make...a healthy snack, not loaded with refined sugar! Sharing the recipe link here... enjoy this yumliciousness...

Note: I tweaked mine slightly, I added some chopped #macadamia nuts for more butteriness and I love them! They taste divine! 

Knowing what we eat, what they do to our body, the right combination, goes a long way in maintaining our well being, staying strong and fit. Eating #goodfats with #protein keep you full for longer, whereas a diet high on simple carbs spike your #bloodsugar and drops quickly making you hungry and eat more, not to forget the collection of fats around the midriff region.

Many people think that they have a good appetite because they feel hungry all the time. That is perhaps far from the truth.

Eating right for your body keeps you full for longer, you feel lighter and prevents you from indulging in high calorie, non-nutritious snacks.  

Food plays a big part in how we feel. You can manage how you feel, to a large extent, by managing what you eat and drink...and feeling good is key because when you feel good, you can sail through any adversity with ease.

Eating clean foods, moving our body, doing what we love...singing, dancing, having fun and enjoying life...that's the secret to well-being. Yes, it's that easy!


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